Is Anybody Listening?

The other evening I was at a friend’s house when I noticed she had the same Keurig Coffee Maker that I do.  I started to make a comment about it , when suddenly she revved up into a whole dissertation on the handy contraption.  I mentioned to her ( at least I tried to) that I already owned one just like it, but nevertheless she continued with her monologue, almost as if she was enjoying the sound of her own voice.

Looking at her in disbelief, I wanted to say; didn’t you hear what I just said?  Honestly, I was floored by how little she was paying attention, and astonished how effortlessly she moved from the contraption to what coffee I needed to buy.  She even went so far as to hand me a coupon for 20% off to buy a coffee maker I already own.  Frustrated, I managed a crooked smile and accepted the coupon. Next thing I knew she was handing me a cup of coffee.  Quickly (more like one hot fast gulp, I would pay for later) I  finished the steaming hot brew  that she insisted I try.  It was then I realized I needed to make my escape.  Don’t get me wrong I love her, she’s a great friend, but there are times that she gravitates towards something and I just can’t bring her back from it.

Hyped up on caffeine my drive home would be the kind of stuff  Speedracer would be proud of. 

And that’s when it hit me….

However,under extreme advisement (mostly my own, which I ignored).  I placed a call to my Dad at 11:30 CST to his 12:30 EST that was a non-emergency.  You will have to take my word for it, and I promise to spare you the ugly sounds (swearing– I think) I heard, before the phone was promptly disconnected.

The events of the evening  just reminded me of all the rhetoric going on within the GOP.  It seems everybody is banging on drums and not one person can hear the music. 

The next day I grabbed the phone ( hoping for a better response then from the night before) and hesitantly said “Dad?” immediately I began a rapid tear about what happened the previous evening and then tried to tie it all back to my political concerns.  How he understood everything I spewed at him is a wonder. I suspect it comes from living in a household of all females (I mean no disrespect but you had to know our household).  

 Everybody is in full motion– talking, ranting and raving, with arms swinging to make a point. We would stop only long enough to look at Dad, to have him conclude which one of us was right.  His answer was designed with truth and an easy escape clause;  “All of you—too bad you weren’t listening.”

Now I ask you does this sound familiar? 

Everybody is talking and nobody is listening, well to each other in some metaphoric way.  In all, isn’t it really about the same wants, needs and objectives.  The mitigating factor might just lie in what Dad told me:

“Emotions can and/or will win an election, but does that mean those emotions choose the right candidate?” 

How true does this hit home?  Of course we have emotional attachments this election season.  However, arguing amongst each other doesn’t serve any real interest, nor purpose.  My stockings run just sifting through the words being tossed around like weapons that are meant to impale. 

There are a lot of strong feelings going into this coming primary season and so much viable information that it tends to be overwhelming.  The trick, I think is to separate the emotion from the facts and not repeat electing on feelings like I believe what may have happened in 2008.

That said I fear that I am right back at my friend’s listening to what I already know, already understand and  my concerns are still not being heard.  What I need and want is one person to explain something I don’t already know with the ability to listen. Perhaps some type of plan.

Is there anybody listening?  Am I going to get a coupon for 20% off a platform I already know?

Many camps are working diligently and the candidates have become gadabouts trying to hit all the different events or so it appears. I question what coffee maker they represent?    

If my friend were to sell coffee makers I might be coerced into buying one.  If she decided to run for office I might have to recommend she sell coffee makers.  While I love her to death my vote would not be her’s.  Leaders listen, plan and talk.  They have the ability to choose the right people for the job and no fear in changing it when the desired outcome is not achieved.

I am waiting for the one candidate to stand up and grab my attention.  I already know what I don’t want.  Like my friend did by talking over and through me, I don’t want to have the same points given to me for what I already own the knowledge of.  It’s just an empty cup waiting to be filled.

To all the candidates—convince me, I am listening……for my vote is the coffee in your cup.  Where will my vote be poured?

Happy Hunting!  Next time I might just lean toward using bandersnatch. This might be a real challenge but I bet my anime friends out in twitter can help me (HINT, HINT)

Be Well


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