Fear Births the Storms of Socialism

Desperation: Noun

1: loss of hope and surrender to despair

2: a state of hopelessness leading to rashness

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The clouds roll in and the thunder gently rattles in the distance, the heart knows the storm will soon arrive. Nothing will change the momentum of the impending squall. To stay is an act of desperation to protect the surroundings of comfort that is familiar.

To leave is the feinting of sorrows that go with such abrupt departures. Nothing will be the same when returned.

Rankled in the vain attempt of trying to mollify the situation, wrapped in the want, the need and the must desperation is born.

The screams and the hollers of those around brimming with panic and uncertainty begin the malignant transformation from rational thought to blood curdling acts of inaneness. Fear is a potion to drink.

The juvenile behaviors of fear force blindness of spirit, deafness of conscious and the demoralization of soul. Nothing is safe.

However, they can protect you.

They will give the comfort of food, clothing and shelter, nothing more, and nothing less. Try to better the standard they will apprehend what is better and place it elsewhere containing the status quo.

Now they own you.

Long hours, longer days and everything will stay the same. Nothing moves, or improves.

In the moments of discontent, their desperation has generated fear with hate, bias and greed all to stifle the mind and silence the need for freedom.

The sacrifice is made, but the storm never comes. It is the fear of the tempest that is used to control, dominate and separate the rational being from sanity, common sense and resolve.

Desperation of fear destroys what is constituted in mind, body and soul as the natural right of being.

The shroud lay over freedom as it breathes its last breath and American Socialism is born.