It’s All About Cleveland, Darlings!

Today there isn’t a Runinmystocking. Nope but my Stilettoes are sure stomping! Or is that the 12 year old scotch kicking in?  Hmmmmmmm.


It’s all true.

Yes, yes I must confess– I am from Cleveland, Ohio, a furious sports fan and yes a die hard #Browns fan.

I also die a little every time they play.

Cleveland has been the home of the biggest successes, failures and debacles since I was born. Challenge me here….Oh go on, ya know you want to….

How can a nearly 50 year woman be so sure? As sure as I can still sport 6 inch stilettos without needing hip replacement surgery (yet) or busting my ass darlings!

While I may no longer reside in the frigid cold of the whipping winds off the Lake and the emotionally polarizing city, my heart stays warm with all the great memories. Coming home as much as my family would like it if I would arrive in Akron (except my cousin Michele).  I insist on flying into Hopkins International Airport all so I can fly over the city I love! And well guys, it still can, after 25 years choke me up to see her overcast skies and humble existence. The wave of a past life washes over me as hard as the waters of Lake Erie hitting a breaking wall.

Cleveland has defined me– as all of us from there define her. Nothing is EVER impossible and truth be told WE invented outside of the box thinking.  It’s a way of life why else would we adopt the moniker of “Believeland” !

From the Rockefellers, to Bob Hope, Paul Brown, Jim Brown, Paul Newman, Sex therapist William H. Master (of Master and Johnson fame, yes darlings sex happens in Cleveland too), The Cleveland Clinic and of course the newly crowned game show host capital of the world with Drew Carey and Steve Harvey. Push it further east to cover all of Northeast Ohio and you have Harvey Firestone to (I have say it) LeBron (sorry). Phooey! Even the 49er’s will practice at the DeBartolo’s facility in Youngstown. Oh wait where is the Pro Football Hall of Fame? What? I’m sorry I didn’t hear you…oh that’s right Canton a part of Northeast Ohio.  Darlings, trust me I can go on and on. But I’ll spare you.

On May 8th ESPN and the NFL experienced  and received the highest ratings ever in the history of the televised draft.  Was it a movie shot in Cleveland featuring my beloved Browns or is that if any team, city or people can make it exciting it’s Cleveland.  As Boomer said “the real Browns have jumped around more than Sonny Weaver did in Draft Day.” No team could confuse the experts more than the Browns.  Is it the art of the deal? Or are they better with the deal then the actual execution of talent?

But hey but they contributed to those high ratings!

I will be honest, I was on the tennis court during the draft but I recorded it.  I stopped during a cross over and looked at my captain watching our match and said “well?”  She said Manziel went 22.  I look at her and said “please don’t say Cleveland”.  She pointed back to the court and the match I needed to finish.

I walked off the court after a well fought losing effort.  My Captain looked at me “How on earth did you know it was Cleveland when you told me they had the 26th pick?”

I stared at my feet, hoping I had a better and colorful answer. I realized I couldn’t even make up and interesting story for a group of Saints and SEC fans then stomped my right foot, and fessed up “2 big reasons;  one, Brady Quinn and two, Brandon Weedon,– the 22nd pick for a QB in Cleveland is a perfect gumbo for disaster.”  My teammates laughed. I think it’s because they believe that the SEC is the greatest football conference in America, which right now the SEC is. However, it only last a short time darlings enjoy it, and I mean it.  I have lived through the rise and fall of the Big Ten.  The days when no one in America moved from their television sets to see the greatest rivalry in college football–The Ohio St. vs. the University of Michigan.  Boy, how I miss Woody and Bo!

But Johnny Football’s half pedigree is SEC which means here they know he will be amazing…me?  Let me say it loudly;  IT’S ALL ABOUT CLEVELAND, DARLINGS!

Home of The Shot, The Drive and The Single.  I was part of the Half Time Show when Red Right 88 stop Brian Sipe’s MVP winning season in the playoffs thus creating the Oakland Raiders Cinderella season and Super Bowl win.  I was there when John Elway’s Hall of Fame drive was merely a play Bernie Kosar used on the Jets to win in overtime the week before to earn a spot in the AFC Championship game only to watch Elway use the same play to beat the Browns. It was OUR PLAY and we didn’t recognize it?  I watched helplessly when his greatness Michael Jordon shot over a stunned Craig Ehlo to knock the Cavaliers out of the playoffs and I watched the Marlins take Game 7 of the World Series in extra innings with a single that drove in the winning run thus robbing the Indians of the World Series.

In 1995 I sat in the old Municipal Stadium watching the Browns lose to Green Bay because the rug was yanked out from under them after Art Modell announced the move, before the announcement the Browns had the best record in the NFL that year at 7-0.  Two QBs went 22nd and Two QBs were basically chased out of Cleveland.  Browns fans have had it!  I know, which gets me back to my pedigree! I was born December 7, 1964, 20 days before the last Championship to fly a flag over the City of Cleveland, Ohio.  On December 27, 1964, nestled in my Dad’s arms facing the TV, I became a life long Browns Fan, move me from the TV that day and I screamed bloody murder.  Commercial? Hell NO! more screaming!  That is my pedigree! And I am proud of it!

Today after the artful dodging of the Browns jumping and trading in the draft, everything looked so positive and the Browns were the darlings of the draft even after confusing Boomer and the gang with the trade up with Philly!

How fast is a minute in Cleveland…..check the sports pages…

Cleveland Browns’ Josh Gordon the NFL’s League leading Wide Receiver may be removed from the league for his 3 violation of substance abuse testing positive for marijuana a couple months ago.



BUT…………………………………..Cleveland and her people are never denied……..BECAUSE in our hearts, prayers, thoughts and actions WE ARE BELIEVELAND!

Millions filled the streets to get the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, even when New York tried to do an annex with the hope of moving the Hall of Fame to a more glamorous city, Cleveland couldn’t be denied and the annex shut down.  No other city that lost a NFL franchise team was ever given a promise,  a 3 year time frame and ownership of a NFL Team Brand, and history but Cleveland.  We have survived a the Cuyahoga River catching on fire, then the mayor’s hair (Ralph Perk), the only city to default in the 70’s, Danny Green and the mob wars and yet this and the proud people on the shores of Lake Erie continue to reinvent themselves and find the humor along the way. The movies that have been made there recently from The Avengers, Alex Cross, Draft Day and famed Clevelanders the Russo Brothers’ Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  This all happened because we believe, we don’t live in a box and we never give up.  Nothing personal but isn’t this what God wants for all his Children?  It builds character and defines our hearts, minds and souls, and for those us who live else where rest assured Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio hasn’t left our inner core. You can take us out of Cleveland but you cannot take the Cleveland out of us!

When I think of the City of Cleveland, her people and my family there I reflect on the movie Field of Dreams when Terrence Mann played superbly by James Earl Jones tells Ray (Kevin Costner):

America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again.

This is Cleveland, this is Believeland, the place of my birth, the city where on any given day the winds will change from cold to warm and where the people never give in, never give up and will give you one hell of a ride while you’re there.  No matter how the Browns are doing.

But just in case being in Baton Rouge, Louisiana I’m not far from Voodoo land so I may just have to purchase a bunch of dolls and dress them as opposing teams when Manziel is ready to take the field. Justin Gilbert was a solid pick.  Since the Cleveland Clinic won’t clone Joe Haden.  You Mr. Football I am not entirely sold.  Big hands aside, you are still barely 6 ft. but you do have a grace where Brady Quinn didn’t and needed to be removed from the cameras before being picked at 22.  Also there is something that I did admire.  You knew.  Yes folks Johnny Football believed he was going to Cleveland all along and he may very well have the “BE” in Believeland.

My Stilettoes are stomping out the beat to Aloe Blacc and my heart is pounding out the same cry that those of us from Cleveland and the Northeast Ohio area have been praying for.  A Championship.  The kind of Championship that erases Mistake on the Lake, The Shot, The Drive, The Move and anything else I might have left out.  A Championship that reminds people how great Cleveland has and always been.  Where the team, the players, the city and her people show their character, strength and why we are unique and loyal people.  I witnessed it here with the Saints.

On December 27, 2014 it will be 50 years since Cleveland has had a Championship.  Cleveland is not forsaken nor forgotten.  Not since the Bernie Kosar Days has Cleveland been this ignited and united!  Hope, Faith and Believeland Proud have been energized by a kid from Texas with a rocket arm and a want and desire in his eyes to bring his talents to Cleveland and her faithful from all over the country.

Not to mention Johnny Football doesn’t have a bad birthday December 6th, yo Mr. Football mine is December 7 and you play the Colts, just saying…..

My Facebook page and text message got hit pretty good by friends who are not Browns fan but stopped to think of me the lone Stiletto Stomping Sports fan who has always been Believeland Proud asking me what I thought about the draft.

Well…..After May 8th and all the talk about Cleveland and the Browns I am suddenly flying over the city and looking out the window of the plane with a lump in my throat, a tug at my heart and the feel of the winds moving from cold to warm as the sun dances on the waters of the shores of Lake Erie.

I am breathing in the idea that maybe this time I will have that look that Dad has when he talks of the Browns of ’64 for my granddaughter when she is playing in a box of old shoes wobbling from the height as she clip clumps across the floor and asks “what is so great about the Browns?”

My answer will start “Back in ’14 they believed in the impossible and the impossible happened. It was all about Cleveland, darling.”



5 Topics That Are Putting a Run In My Stocking

I just wanted to apologize for the really serene look of the blog and eventually when I get smarter at this I will change it.  If you like it thank you, but it won’t last.  If you are viewing from a mobile device you have no clue what I am talking about which is fine

Still, a soothing landscape  may be  just what is needed after all the silly things that have been happening.  If you don’t like the name of the blog, oh well it’s my blog.

Okay, enough schmoozing let’s get to the 5 topics that have managed to ruin a perfectly good pair of stockings from Walgreen’s.  So you know, if I had put a run in my high-end boutique pair I might have blogged in all caps.

Number One 

Gardasil:  This argument has finally died down, well until Thursday, when the next debate airs on Fox News (check local listings for times).  How many times does Rick Perry have to profess he made a mistake about how he went about handling the distribution of the HPV vaccine.  Issuing an executive order is wrong and forcing the issue of apologizing again and again is just plan idiotic. Done, move on.

Then you have Michele Bachmann using a suspected story of a woman telling her that her daughter had become “mentally retarded” after receiving the vaccination, in an interview on CNN after the debate.  Seriously, did the Congresswoman do a little fact checking in the 5 minutes before she was interviewed? 

Here are some questions I would like to ask:

A) Who was the woman?

B) Does this woman exist 

C) Why haven’t we heard of a massive law suit?

 That said, Congresswoman Bachmann did get a lot of attention for her campaign using this tactic.  She was hitting all the morning MSM shows and even made it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (he even questioned her tactics).  I like the Congresswoman but this just makes her look desperate and may hurt her in the end. 

There’s a woman who came up crying to metonight after the debate. She said her daughter wasgiven that vaccine.  She told me her daughter suffered mental retadation as result of that vaccine.

 —Michele Bachmann

 Fear mongering is just something I can’t tolerate (here’s the video;).  Congresswoman are you not smarter than that?  The issue was should government mandate and force vaccines of this nature, not scaring the crap out of every parent with a daughter.

Suggestion–Get the facts.  I have two daughters and there is no way I would ever support  getting this shot for them at 11.  Both girls were in their late teens or early twenties when they received it, without any side effects , I might add.  

Having the conversation with your children about the birds and bees is tough enough.  Kids on the playground have done better jobs explaining it.  Trust me when I tell you it’s even harder when they get older.

Be smart when you have this conversation it may not go in the direction you want.  When I tried, I got crickets, big blank repulsed stares from my girls. I wanted them to be safe from the ills of people, lies that can be told and rumors that are out there.  They wanted to crawl in the hole and not have that type of conversation. 

I went to my best friend who is a nurse for help. she tried talking to them as well.  If you guessed more crickets you’re right.  Finally, after much stressing and feeling my research was wasted, I wised up!  I schedule an appointment with the doctor to talk to them,  just talk.  My daughters asked many questions to my surprise.  

Truthfully, I was a little envious I couldn’t explain it to them as well as she did.  She gave the facts nothing more nothing less.  The implication of promiscuity wasn’t the issue, nor was it ever brought up.  She simply said she understood all the pressures that young women face today, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

 We as parents have choices; 

  1)  To educate yourself on this first (for that matter any vaccination).

  2)  Make the best decision for your family with the understanding you have options.

  3) You still have to read all the material for yourself.

By the way, if you think guys are off the hook  with this vaccine:  Ahem–February 7, 2011, the first test trial for men began.  Just letting you know.  So enough of this discussion is enough lets move on.

Number Two

Mike Tyson, ESPN Radio and Greta vs Tucker Mike Tyson is a crass SOB.  The more the ESPN sports talk radio guys (I think at Gridlock) laughed, the funnier Tyson thought he was and he kept going.  Locker-room behavior should stay away from a live mike.  It was vulgar and drastically inappropriate and the blame goes back on ESPN and Tyson.  Why did Greta and Tucker have words?

 Well I think, not many people knew of the story until it went viral, (probably didn’t need to be revisited or reported), it just kept Mike Tyson in the forefront that much longer (ewwww).  Sarah Palin didn’t deserve it, and for that matter what woman does?Familar sites and sounds of high school. 

 Dumb guys making up stories about a girl in the locker-room and the editor of the school newspaper prints it as news of the day. For the first time in the school newspaper’s history everybody in town is reading the article and the class president goes into a rage because it is her friend they wrote about. 

 All the while, the person who has been the subject of the crass, vulgar article shows up to school and over looks the ramblings of the group. Which makes Sarah Palin the smart one.  Let it die and let it blow over and please stop giving these numb-nuts attention.

Number Three

BCS and League Jockeying:   Teams are moving from long time league associations, i.e. Pitt and Syracuse are leaving the Big East and moving to ACC. Texas A&M wants in the SEC, and more that I can’t think of at this hour of the night. Okay, sports fans your guess is as good as mine.  These moves are they academically related? 

Or are Colleges and Universities realizing that if they don’t draw attention to their schools through football (being in bigger league will help), enrollment will decline and budgets cuts will be steeper?  Do all these Universities know something?  are we looking at  a playoff system getting ready to be put in place with only a few big leagues left? 

Suggestion;  Just wait for it! Somewhere in a hidden NCAA bunker the decision has been made.  What it is, who knows?  Well we sort of do have an idea.

Number Four

Social Security the Ponzi Scheme:  Late Baby Boomers and early Generation Xer’s that are not retired yet;  Do you think all the money that you have paid in the program will be there for you?  I don’t and I was born at the end of 64.  If it’s not there after you paid into it, it’s a SCAM.  What makes anybody else think it will be there for us or the younger crowd as well? 

Suggestion;  You guys in your 20’s need to put 10% of your income and stick in a retirement program that grows with you. Yes, I know 20’s and fun go together.  Learn to have fun cheaper.  For those of us who have been paying into it F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  Kiss it good-bye and increase retirement savings  between 5-9% and hope for a better economy or else those angels that we all have raised will have us as a roommates.  If you think that’s a good idea, then think of this– did you really liked how they kept their rooms?  Be smart, and I know, I know– we got ripped off.

Number Five

Finally:  NFL FOOTBALL;  The Kick Off Rule. I hate it. 

However, I predict by week 4 it will be a moot point.  Kickers, the smart and savvy ones do not want a touchback anymore then the Devin Hesters or Joshua Cribbs who are returning them. Those Kickers want to nail it down to the one yard line.  They don’t want it coming out to the 20.

 With that said, players have proven they can work around it and each week it will get better or so I hope.  One teeny tiny gripe, NFL bonus coverage is ten minutes with commercials.  

That sucks.  I just had to get that off my chest.

Hey not bad for my first blog post, heh?  Thanks for reading, feel free to send me an email at, I tend to forget my password but at some point I will read it, promise.  Next time I might just use this word: Pleonasm.  Why? Because I can and I know we are all guilty of this from time to time.

Be Well,