The Steps We Take

Confucius once said (quoting Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tse) a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. As innocuous as it seems, it really can hurt far more than given credit for. It’s not the physical steps that hurt but the emotional effects of making the decisions to carry out the ideas.

I tend to believe most people only see the big picture and are completely unaware of the many steps it may take to accomplish the tasks, journeys or events that are in mind. It is within these meager steps that can insure success. Miss a step and then start the count of how fast the house of cards crumble.

No one comes in to this world running, walking, standing or even sitting up. We learn it. It is those first steps that create the memories that endure and times we wish to forget.

What happened in the steps taken by some this week. Let’s see:

Rick Perry said he stepped in it.

Joe Paterno was forced to step down.

Herman Cain had to step through it again.

Newt Gingrich stepped it up.

Each one of the aforementioned had to make adjustments to circumstances and be held responsible for their decisions. I know there is more to it than what  appears above in those short blurted out sentences.

Rick Perry had a moment that most people would rather forget. I am not going to make excuses for his drawing a blank; however, this is a man who since having back surgery hasn’t missed an event. How many people can take any steps, let alone walk up to a podium after having back surgery?  Then have a mishap and be able to poke fun at himself? I must ask how much physical pain has he been in? What complaints can be heard from him about it? None, instead he turned that moment into a quiet powerful message.

Appearing on The Late Show with David Lettermen he handled the Top Ten List with confidence. He achieved something I think people may have missed. By understanding that his misstep would become a joke, he took the first jab. He was able to redirect and get back on point showing leaders make mistakes. Humbling as it seems, how many would have given excuses or try to come up with a good reason? Will he ever be a great debater? Probably not. Can he lead? Ask my good friends in Texas and they would give him a hell yea!

Herman Cain has been stepping through allegation of sexual harassment and the list is growing.

Bear with me here; along time ago my best friend from high school and I were discussing something that happened at school. My mother within ear shot of the discussion told us this:

“If one person says it, might have merit but would need proof. If two people say it then yes it has some truth to it. However, I caution you girls if there are more than three it has become everybody’s business and there isn’t any truth to it any more. It is just a popular topic to make people look more important. It has become nothing more than idle gossip which will bite those who spread it in the behind. Mark my words.”

This is what I see is happening to Herman Cain. It has become a supercilious rant by some tossing around allegations and waiting 15 years to step forward seems outrageous and a flat out embarrassment to those women who have truly suffered from sexual harassment. The painfulness of the subject is hard enough to come forward with and prove, but to have those take away from the severity with an attempt to discredit one person in an attempt to gain by it, is inexcusable.

In stark contrast to this is Joe Paterno’s firing from Penn State. Simply put he had all the opportunities in the world to remove Jerry Sandusky from his coaching staff.

This wasn’t questions of false allegations this is going to trial. Placing football before everything else may have put him in the record books. The truth is he will never coach again, and Penn State will for a very long time feel the effects of trying to cover up the horrific acts of one.

It can be said that JoePa reported it but how far did he follow through with it? Are there truly that many rules in HR manuals that caused this to be buried under a rock for so long, or was it a case of winning brings in too much money for those innocent boys to be protected? Hmmmmm.

No one likes when an icon falls but it is his own steps that he is responsible for. No one wins, game over Coach.

Then there is Newt. Every debate he picks up more and more support. He possesses the brilliance to handle moderators and peers easily in debates. Without sounding rehearsed he is confident almost in a cocky sense. He will not back down from his point and has yet to raise his voice. The victor of more debates than the other candidates, he is still deemed unworthy of being viable as the GOP presidential choice.

Newt’s steps are perfect right now. Why? He didn’t make a big splash in the polls when he first announced his bid for the top office, more of a steady climb. Using patience and perservrance, Newt is avoiding the rolling coaster climb that leads to the crashing and burning in the polls.

Once the joke of the GOP Presidential Candidates, he now has people taking a closer look and he is receiving better placement on the debate floor. Newt is making the small and right steps to accomplish the desired outcome. There is still room for missteps. Once the onset starts of garnering attention from the MSM (Main Stream Media), they will swarm like locust and thus begins the taring down of Newt. How will this be handled? Or is it more of his old-time beltway experience working in his favor that will allow him to maneuver past the MSM and directly hold the attentions of the voters? I am not so sure. I prefer to wait and see.

These four men have been facing steps, in, down, through and up, which are direct results of the decisions they have made whether on purpose or by happenstance. I envy none of them.

Why? I had to choose to take a step to write about it. Need I say more?

Taking steps can be deliberate decisions that should not be taken lightly. Confucius wasn’t kidding when he said the journey of a thousand miles…It is first steps that can allow the individual to pursue with either reckless abandon or be diverted from the path that needs to be taken.

From first steps of infancy to reaching the end of the journey the final destination is the same for all, plugged in the middle of it are choices. Choose wisely and reap the benefits, choose foolishly and the outcome could be dire.

Hey, I can’t sugarcoat it. Wouldn’t even try to.

Next time I think I will use the word rankle…sounds irritating, but that’s what may make it fun to use.

Be well and once again I remind you of something I posted a while back. Nothing that starts out peaceful stays that way. I was right. Think about it.


5 Topics That Are Putting a Run In My Stocking

I just wanted to apologize for the really serene look of the blog and eventually when I get smarter at this I will change it.  If you like it thank you, but it won’t last.  If you are viewing from a mobile device you have no clue what I am talking about which is fine

Still, a soothing landscape  may be  just what is needed after all the silly things that have been happening.  If you don’t like the name of the blog, oh well it’s my blog.

Okay, enough schmoozing let’s get to the 5 topics that have managed to ruin a perfectly good pair of stockings from Walgreen’s.  So you know, if I had put a run in my high-end boutique pair I might have blogged in all caps.

Number One 

Gardasil:  This argument has finally died down, well until Thursday, when the next debate airs on Fox News (check local listings for times).  How many times does Rick Perry have to profess he made a mistake about how he went about handling the distribution of the HPV vaccine.  Issuing an executive order is wrong and forcing the issue of apologizing again and again is just plan idiotic. Done, move on.

Then you have Michele Bachmann using a suspected story of a woman telling her that her daughter had become “mentally retarded” after receiving the vaccination, in an interview on CNN after the debate.  Seriously, did the Congresswoman do a little fact checking in the 5 minutes before she was interviewed? 

Here are some questions I would like to ask:

A) Who was the woman?

B) Does this woman exist 

C) Why haven’t we heard of a massive law suit?

 That said, Congresswoman Bachmann did get a lot of attention for her campaign using this tactic.  She was hitting all the morning MSM shows and even made it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (he even questioned her tactics).  I like the Congresswoman but this just makes her look desperate and may hurt her in the end. 

There’s a woman who came up crying to metonight after the debate. She said her daughter wasgiven that vaccine.  She told me her daughter suffered mental retadation as result of that vaccine.

 —Michele Bachmann

 Fear mongering is just something I can’t tolerate (here’s the video;).  Congresswoman are you not smarter than that?  The issue was should government mandate and force vaccines of this nature, not scaring the crap out of every parent with a daughter.

Suggestion–Get the facts.  I have two daughters and there is no way I would ever support  getting this shot for them at 11.  Both girls were in their late teens or early twenties when they received it, without any side effects , I might add.  

Having the conversation with your children about the birds and bees is tough enough.  Kids on the playground have done better jobs explaining it.  Trust me when I tell you it’s even harder when they get older.

Be smart when you have this conversation it may not go in the direction you want.  When I tried, I got crickets, big blank repulsed stares from my girls. I wanted them to be safe from the ills of people, lies that can be told and rumors that are out there.  They wanted to crawl in the hole and not have that type of conversation. 

I went to my best friend who is a nurse for help. she tried talking to them as well.  If you guessed more crickets you’re right.  Finally, after much stressing and feeling my research was wasted, I wised up!  I schedule an appointment with the doctor to talk to them,  just talk.  My daughters asked many questions to my surprise.  

Truthfully, I was a little envious I couldn’t explain it to them as well as she did.  She gave the facts nothing more nothing less.  The implication of promiscuity wasn’t the issue, nor was it ever brought up.  She simply said she understood all the pressures that young women face today, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

 We as parents have choices; 

  1)  To educate yourself on this first (for that matter any vaccination).

  2)  Make the best decision for your family with the understanding you have options.

  3) You still have to read all the material for yourself.

By the way, if you think guys are off the hook  with this vaccine:  Ahem–February 7, 2011, the first test trial for men began.  Just letting you know.  So enough of this discussion is enough lets move on.

Number Two

Mike Tyson, ESPN Radio and Greta vs Tucker Mike Tyson is a crass SOB.  The more the ESPN sports talk radio guys (I think at Gridlock) laughed, the funnier Tyson thought he was and he kept going.  Locker-room behavior should stay away from a live mike.  It was vulgar and drastically inappropriate and the blame goes back on ESPN and Tyson.  Why did Greta and Tucker have words?

 Well I think, not many people knew of the story until it went viral, (probably didn’t need to be revisited or reported), it just kept Mike Tyson in the forefront that much longer (ewwww).  Sarah Palin didn’t deserve it, and for that matter what woman does?Familar sites and sounds of high school. 

 Dumb guys making up stories about a girl in the locker-room and the editor of the school newspaper prints it as news of the day. For the first time in the school newspaper’s history everybody in town is reading the article and the class president goes into a rage because it is her friend they wrote about. 

 All the while, the person who has been the subject of the crass, vulgar article shows up to school and over looks the ramblings of the group. Which makes Sarah Palin the smart one.  Let it die and let it blow over and please stop giving these numb-nuts attention.

Number Three

BCS and League Jockeying:   Teams are moving from long time league associations, i.e. Pitt and Syracuse are leaving the Big East and moving to ACC. Texas A&M wants in the SEC, and more that I can’t think of at this hour of the night. Okay, sports fans your guess is as good as mine.  These moves are they academically related? 

Or are Colleges and Universities realizing that if they don’t draw attention to their schools through football (being in bigger league will help), enrollment will decline and budgets cuts will be steeper?  Do all these Universities know something?  are we looking at  a playoff system getting ready to be put in place with only a few big leagues left? 

Suggestion;  Just wait for it! Somewhere in a hidden NCAA bunker the decision has been made.  What it is, who knows?  Well we sort of do have an idea.

Number Four

Social Security the Ponzi Scheme:  Late Baby Boomers and early Generation Xer’s that are not retired yet;  Do you think all the money that you have paid in the program will be there for you?  I don’t and I was born at the end of 64.  If it’s not there after you paid into it, it’s a SCAM.  What makes anybody else think it will be there for us or the younger crowd as well? 

Suggestion;  You guys in your 20’s need to put 10% of your income and stick in a retirement program that grows with you. Yes, I know 20’s and fun go together.  Learn to have fun cheaper.  For those of us who have been paying into it F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  Kiss it good-bye and increase retirement savings  between 5-9% and hope for a better economy or else those angels that we all have raised will have us as a roommates.  If you think that’s a good idea, then think of this– did you really liked how they kept their rooms?  Be smart, and I know, I know– we got ripped off.

Number Five

Finally:  NFL FOOTBALL;  The Kick Off Rule. I hate it. 

However, I predict by week 4 it will be a moot point.  Kickers, the smart and savvy ones do not want a touchback anymore then the Devin Hesters or Joshua Cribbs who are returning them. Those Kickers want to nail it down to the one yard line.  They don’t want it coming out to the 20.

 With that said, players have proven they can work around it and each week it will get better or so I hope.  One teeny tiny gripe, NFL bonus coverage is ten minutes with commercials.  

That sucks.  I just had to get that off my chest.

Hey not bad for my first blog post, heh?  Thanks for reading, feel free to send me an email at, I tend to forget my password but at some point I will read it, promise.  Next time I might just use this word: Pleonasm.  Why? Because I can and I know we are all guilty of this from time to time.

Be Well,