About: Me, even if you didn’t ask

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I guess you want to know why I have a big long name like runinmystocking? Good question.

Well, wearing stockings (or pantyhose) is part of my morning routine (and dress code for work). While I am fighting with the dreaded nylon beasts I am usually watching a morning MSM show and listening to the latest version of the news (which will change three times {or more} by days end). It just never fails, I will hear something that excites or ignites me, and I will inadvertently run my stockings, thus ruining the pair.

I figured with as many pairs I have wrecked over the years I might as well find an outlet for my reactions or a really good therapist. This is cheaper.

So now you know.

Follow me on twitter @bpepoy , I would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment here to.

Hey, I’m not perfect but always enjoy hearing what you think. My asks are be considerate. Umm, my dad reads my blog, sometimes my grown children, probably because their bored, but still they read it. However, my mom waits for someone to tell her it’s good or I mentioned her, some things I write are just not in her wheelhouse. Should I do a blog on Dancing with the Stars, she’d be my number one fan and yet I love them all.  What did I say about a therapist?

NO, NO, NO- Browns bashing, I don’t pick on your teams and I have been a Browns’ fan since birth so you know I already have “Wait till next year” tattooed on my brain, or any Cleveland sports team for that matter, I am a die hard fan.  Probably because I die a little every time they play.

If you know me personally and don’t tell me you read it–THEN HOW THE HECK AM I GONNA KNOW!

Last but not least enjoy.  I try to look for the humor, the significance and the deeper meaning. I don’t always succeed. Phooey some days I don’t even come close!  Yet, I am thrilled and honored you stopped by!

Be Well


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