Rewriting History using the *

The Cleveland Indians have done something this century has never seen. Maybe you heard of it. A 22 game win streak. However the powers that be in Major League Baseball have explained the Indians are the second longest streak in history.

Now here is what’s odd. Understandable but odd never the less. The 1916 Giants hold the record. They played 12 games on the 13th game (if memory serves me correctly-and no I wasn’t there) according to Elias Sports the Giants tied. Due to weather and darkness the game was called and a tie was recorded maybe or just mention on the score keepers sheet? The Giants went on to a 14 game winning streak. Now this has been hash tagged, hashed out, and just hashed to death. See the Giants replayed the tie game. Even though 8 innings had been played. Ties have never counted and shouldn’t. No one argues the Giants accomplishment. The argument arises because it’s not true consecutive wins

Thus enter the dilemma. This record has a flaw and the Indians’ record hasn’t. Show me how it could possibly happen now and then add in the modern era as a consolation prize-meaning as illumination in the ball park for night games as the start of the modern era. Um sure- but the Giants still have a tie that went unrecorded because somebody said “Well if there’s time to make it up you can if not we won’t count it.” If it wasn’t counted then how does everybody know it exists? Further they get their stats on a game that doesn’t count. I believe Elias Sports said they replayed the game the next day from the beginning. Yet you can discount a game that was played almost to its entirety? I know it was a long time ago. But still.

I don’t want to take anything away from High Pockets and his crew. But there is a solution.

It’s called the asterisk. Yep you heard me. The dread little symbol of look at the bottom of the page and see how we’ve address this record. Billy Crystal made a movie out of it 61*. How Roger Maris was given an * by his single season homerun record- all because he wasn’t Babe Ruth who did it in a shorter season or Mickey Mantle who was the Yankees golden boy then.

The * denotes things. Like oh shall we say a 1916 winning streak? This would then leave open real winning streaks like the 2002 A’s, The 1935 Cubs and 2017 Indians. Allowing those stats to reflect uninterrupted winning streaks.

Yes the asterisk has a bad reputation but it has its place and not on Roger Maris’ record which we know was broken.

If no one will say it then I will. Put the asterisk by the 1916 Giants to reflect the truth and be done with it.

History is the greatest part of Baseball. And as in the movie Field of Dreams Terence Mann says it;

“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time.”

As should an asterisk * mark the past.

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