The Demise of the Easy-Bake Oven

If anybody has any questions about the current state of the government, ask a kid with an Easy-Bake Oven.  Once a fun toy that you baked some what edible treats with, is now extinct in the way we all use to know.

Why did the federal government pick a poor helpless toy?  Did the Island of Misfit Toys need a new member?  Exactly what did this toy do besides under cook cake mixes that ended up with Dad suffering through as to not disappoint.

It wasn’t the toy but the light bulb.  Yes, the 100 watt bulb is the culprit. How dare the incandescent light bulb cause so many problems.  Uh, what?  Wait a minute we are talking the federal government here right?

Yes we are.  Apparently the bulb was an energy sucking vile on the face of the union.  Okay may be not that big of deal but somebody who hated the dreaded light bulb sitting in cubicle somewhere in the EPA felt it was not acceptable for factories to continue to make them (here).

Who started all this?  I don’t care!  It‘s the symbol which it represents.  How much do we want the government in our homes?

While I have raised my family and I have grown accustom (enjoyed) to picking up only after myself.  Taking the federal government into my home has no real appeal.  Actually none, and pretty sure I am extremely tired of picking up after them with the taxes I pay. 

Through a strange little toy I literally can trace back the clumsy take over of my rights.

I have the right to bear arms.  Not fund Mexican drug cartels.

I have a right to clean energy. Not fund a half a billion dollar scam.

I have a right to speak freely.  Not end up on list and be called an attacker.

I have right to donate my funds where I think it will do the most good.  Not have someone tell me where.

I have a right to buy a light bulb.  Not to have to pay for special disposal of it.

Think of the new energy efficiency this  light bulb brings; I cannot dispose of it in the normal fashion.  I have to take it to a special place and they handle it for me. Cost– a half a tank of gas.  Break the new bulb and you need to go to the emergency room because of possible harm to health.  Swell, now I have to deal with Obamacare too.  The new light bulb does not last as long as they say.  I have tried it and in five months the dumb thing burnt out, because of the age of wiring in my home.  So I have to hire an electrician to have the house rewired for a light bulb?  Finally, the cost to replace the new light bulb should be a tax write off for home improvement.  Wait! I am taking care of that with the rewiring, aren’t I?

Once the Easy-Bake Oven was a simple little toy that required a small amount of adult supervision and a strong stomach (sorry Dad), today it is nothing more then a toaster oven (here).

Look closer and you can see big brother standing behind you. 

If my pleonasm on the subject has run amok I do not apologize.  Accept it and move on. 

Change is in the air.  Let’s just be smart about it and give the kids back their toys.

Next time I might just toss the word gadabout around…or not.  Life is full of surprises look at me.  I came and blogged again. Heh, who knew?

Be Well, 




6 thoughts on “The Demise of the Easy-Bake Oven

  1. Another great blog post! Do you ever watch Mythbusters? They did a comparison on one episode between different types of light bulbs. And you know what? There was NO APPRECIABLE DIFFERENCE in energy usage between incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs.

  2. These people are void of any reality.

    As Vicki pointed out above: “There was NO APPRECIABLE DIFFERENCE in energy usage between incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs.”

    As Beth points out… just another example of big government knowing what’s good for us. For every “problem” these Einsteins “solve,” they create fifty more. We have a vapid underachieving head case in the WH.

    Btw, there is a “phase out” period, starting in 2012, and starting with the 100 watt bulbs, then working its way down to lower wattage bulbs. So hoard your non-swirly bulbs now.

    Thanks Beth!

  3. La Times– back in January 19, 2011, ran a piece that sited how California was allowed to jump the gun on the ban for 100 watts. After that many people, ie Popular Mechanics, several morning shows and as Vicki stated Mythbusters. ran tests and concluded there wasn’t a 28% reduction in energy saved.

    The incandescent light bulb has been around for 132 years. I guess retirement gets to all of us…still what would Edison say?

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